Envision a workplace you can be
confident in

Creating a modern, productive workplace can be difficult

We align the key functions that create a successful workplace with your leadership vision. Once you achieve alignment between your people, property and technology you can enjoy happy, productive people who are motivated to achieve your organisation’s goals.



Understand which workplace elements are out of alignment with your business goals and reduce workplace satisfaction

  • Flexible workplace diagnostics
  • Employee surveys
  • Focus groups
  • Functional interviews
  • Site utilisation studies


Design a winning strategy that will save you money and inspire your people to do their best work

  • Executive Leadership Team workshops
  • Advice to key business functions
  • Provide Research
  • Vision-setting process


Involve your business functions in an integrated change that mitigates the risks of poor workplace planning

  • Flexible workforce co-creation 
  • Human-centred workspace design principles and requirements
  • Integrated workplace strategies
  • Functional alignment
  • Engagement with employees 
  • Change advice

Three critical steps take you from zero to hero

Firstly we help you discover which workplace elements are out of alignment with your business goals and increase workplace satisfaction. We then work with your leadership team to set your vision. We then involve your people in a successful approach that mitigates the risks of poor workplace planning, using co-creation. Your new workplace project becomes shared, with strong alignment throughout the programme.

How it works

1. Take up a Discovery Call

We have a 30-minute conversation to understand your current workplace, projects and leadership intentions. We’ll suggest how we could help.

2. Discover your options

We provide a proposal outlining recommended steps and alternatives. We may require one or two further conversations ahead of providing the proposal.

3. Align your business

Get us involved in redesigning your workplace future so that your organisation can achieve its purpose and goals.

“Working with Transformed Teams has been unbelievable… From the high level, big picture thinking right down to the detail of choosing the right types of furniture. I would highly recommend working with [them].”

Caroline Palmer
Project Manager Mobility Project | Department of Corrections

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