We help businesses where hybrid work has its issues to create an attractive, productive modern workplace

Workplace Strategy Consulting

The modern, hybrid workplace is no longer about just the office. Navigating the new normal means thinking about your workspace together with your ways of working – they are now inseparable. The decisions you make about these two areas are critical to the future health of your business. The best workplace decisions are data-driven and human-centric.

We work with you to address the strategic and practical considerations that make your hybrid workplace attractive and productive. 

Team coaching

Now more than ever, team members need to work together to achieve the basic functions of teamwork. Hybrid work creates new problems to solve. This is true whether your team consists of people who work mainly alone, or who are highly collaborative. 

We work alongside your leaders and their teams to help them design productive ways of working. 

Change leadership and support

It is far too easy to get workplace change wrong. Many people feel very strongly about their workspaces and the way their team works. In addition, conventional change methodology is ill-equipped to handle the dramatically quick transformations that we are currently experiencing in the workplace. Installing a new ‘operating system’ in your teams is no small deal.

We reduce the risk of your workplace change through our non-traditional, Emergent change approach designed for fast, transformational workplace change.  

How it works

1. Understand your situation

Firstly we understand your goals and status quo at the highest level – how well hybrid work currently works in your business, how well your workspace supports your desired outcomes, issues with your current ways of working and what you would like your workplace to help you achieve.

2. Recommend an approach

We make recommendations about how you could achieve your goals. This could include Workplace Strategy consulting, team coaching or change leadership and support. At your request we develop a proposal providing further detail on how we could help. Engagements usually start at around $15K.

3. Implement your plan

We work alongside you to implement the agreed plan. The length and nature of our engagement will depend on the gap between your status quo and your desired future state. On average clients work with us for at least a few months.

Workplace Strategy Consulting

We bring our uniquely specialised Workplace Strategy consulting to help clients answer these questions:

  • “How much space do we need?”
  • “How should our people work going forward?”
  • “What should our workspace offer our people?”
  • “How can we design our workplace to be attractive to our existing and new staff?”
  • “What guardrails should we put around our ways of working, to be most productive?”

Our consulting work achieves these results for our clients

  • Workplace models that are future-fit
  • Design requirements for workspace designs that will enable productive human behaviour
  • Optimised, adjusted and supported ways of working, whether office-oriented, flexible, hybrid or remote


  • Occupancy studies – This is a review of your space and how people use it across an average week
  • Workforce discovery – We understand the motivations, preferences and teamwork patterns that shape workspace behaviour
  • Workspace analytics – Our work informs your space requirements by anticipating the behaviours of your building occupants
  • Vision setting – We work with your executive team to establish the best parameters for your workspace design and your ways of working
  • Leadership alignment – We facilitate clear understanding and decision-making by your executive team


  • Design requirements – We provide your Architecture or Interior Design provider with design requirements that deliver your vision
  • Workplace Strategy documentation – We write a clear description of your future state, which provides direction to your change team and business functions.

Team coaching

We help leaders and their teams solve the practical problems of hybrid working

  • Remote and hybrid team communication and connection is restored
  • Practical issues that hinder hybrid teamwork are removed
  • Team-centric ways of working are created
  • Remote and hybrid team leadership is supported


  • Hybrid workplace problem-solving – We work with teams experiencing meeting overload, burnout or issues with information flow and communication to restore a healthy meeting cadence, work patterns, individual rhythms and information flow. Each of these improve trust. We focus on solving practical problems.

Hybrid Team Experiences

  • The Workplace Experience Challenge – We establish a powerful new way of hybrid working, which is widely adopted across the team and achieves results such as a 23% increase in engagement and a 19% increase in wellbeing. Teams achieve their new powerful way of working in less than four months.

Mini Workplace Experience Challenge 

The Mini Workplace Challenge steps you through you seven ‘easy-ish’ but high impact SHIFTS to make your hybrid team more productive through improving your workspace and ways of working.

For leaders wanting an easy way to improve their team’s hybrid workplace experience, in less than two months. 

Change leadership and support

We offer change leadership and support that is especially effective for workplace change

We find traditional change models to be too slow and  ineffective for workplace change. Our change work achieves boosts of at least 10% on each of these measures, and often within a few months: 

  • Productivity improves
  • Engagement scores go up, including commitment to the business
  • Wellbeing improves and stress reduces
  • Overall workplace satisfaction improves

Change leadership

  • Clarification of the future state – Our Workplace Strategy process designs your future state, or co-designs it with you if you prefer
  • Capability building – A dynamic workplace model requires everyone from the Facilities through to the HR teams to change the way they support the workplace. We develop their capability to deliver the ongoing support that will embed your new way of working.
  • Influencing and alignment – We work with key stakeholders to help get sufficient alignment that your workplace change shouldn’t ‘snap back’ after a few months

Change support

  • Change management – We can design and deliver your change activities, from communications plans through to training workshops
  • Advice – We plug the gap between the specialist knowledge required to successfully deliver a hybrid workplace and generalist capabilities  

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