Workplace Makers Podcast Tech Guide

We're excited to have you on board as a guest on the Workplace Makers Podcast. Here's a few tips to help you look and sound amazing.

Tech check list

Have each of these ready to go on the day

✔ Camera or webcam – the higher the quality, the better
✔ Reliable access to high-speed Internet
✔ A desktop or laptop to join the call – rather than joining via mobile
✔ A mic – ideally in the form of a stand alone mic or headset
✔ Headphones/earbuds eg. Airpods, wired ear plugs etc.
✔ Access to lighting or sitting in an area that is well lit – ie in front of a window, or with a lamp
✔ An area with low foot-traffic that is quiet
✔ Clutter-free background – you’re also able to blur your background in Zoom if this is not accessible to you

Am I ready for my close up?

✔ Include a large portion of the torso
✔ Allow headroom for movement so your head isn’t cut off at any stage
✔ Room on the side for cropping
✔Even lighting that isn’t too bright or dark
✔ Plain background that isn’t distracting

We'll need a local recording, at your end

In order to ensure the highest quality audio and video (as much as you can over the internet), we’d love for you to record everything on your end to mitigate any issues that can be exacerbated over the Internet like audio or video stuttering and delay. We strongly recommend you do a dry run first so that you are confident you can record on the day. You can use your own recording application if you have one you prefer, otherwise please use one of the following methods.


Windows has it’s own built in screen recording system. The quality of the recording is superior to a standard Zoom recording and therefore this is our recommendation to those on Windows. If this method is too complicated to follow, please click here to use a simpler recording method

How to set up screen recording on Windows

1. Join the Zoom Call – you’ll need this in order for Windows to accurately record the correct window
2. Ensure the Zoom Call window is active and push Windows + G
3. In the Xbox Gamebar menu, click Settings at the top; the cog on the far right at the top
4. Click “Remember this is a game” tickbox – this should have Zoom mentioned next to the tickbox
5. Close the bar and push Windows + alt + r to record
6. Click on the little microphone to record your mic input
7. At the end of the Podcast, send the files to us. The folder your recording is kept in is Videos>Captures

Mac (or Windows)

For Mac we recommend using Zoom as the recording device. Though Apple does have a built in screen record with QuickTime, the quality with Zoom is superior. With that said, if you have a screen recording app you already use, by all means use that instead.

How to set up Zoom recording

1. Join the Zoom Call
2. Click Record – if a window prompts, you want to record this locally (this means it records to your computer)
3. Stop recording and pick a location to save if you haven’t already
4. Send us the recording – these files should be mp4 and m4a 

Common video, audio and recording issues

My webcam isn't working - Ensure that your webcam is enabled, some laptops have a key on the keyboard for turning their webcams on. Your webcam can also be tested using your computer's built-in camera app; if this is working but you still cannot see video, you may need to allow access to the webcam in your browser.

My video is stuttering or low quality - Low quality video is often caused be insufficient Internet bandwidth, if you have other programs that may be using the Internet or other devices on the network, you may want to close those to alleviate some of your network bottleneck.

I can't connect to the video call - Some security suites, including your business firewall or network settings, may block you from joining video calls. If this is the case, you will need to whitelist the call in your security settings or ask your IT department to solve this for you.

My screensharing is laggy - Screen sharing is an extra toll on your network and computer which can be caused be insufficient bandwidth or hardware resources. If you find your screen sharing is poor in your meetings, try lowering the quality of the stream or sharing the necessary documents/information to your partners for them to access independently.

I can't hear anything after I plug my mic in - Sometimes headsets have two plugs; one for audio and one for the mic. Please ensure they are plugged into the correct port (they should have little pictures on them, but for reference the green plug is normally audio). If you have only one plug, make sure this is plugged into the audio port and not the mic port.

My mic is too quiet - If you have the correct input selected but still cannot hear yourself, or if your video call partners report you being difficult to hear, you may want to check your input audio settings to ensure that your mic volume is turned up.

I can't hear the call very well even though I've turned the main volume up - Please ensure you have the correct input audio device selected in your computer's sound settings as well as for the call. You may need to change this from your speakers to the headphones you would like to use. Furthermore, ensure that you have turned the volume up for the application or browser - this can be found in the volume mixer settings.

How do I record a video call? - Please refer to our guide here.

I can't find where recordings are saved - This will depend on which method you have used. For Windows capture, this will be found in the Videos folder and then in the Capture folder. If you have deleted this folder then the recording will end up in Temp by default. Zoom recordings normally ask you to choose a location to save, however by default they save to your Videos folder.

How do I send you the recording? - We will provide you with a link to submit to on the day, however you can also use Dropbox, Google Drive, or another file sharing host if you have an account that you would prefer to use.

My Zoom recording has saved two files, which one do I send? - They should have saved as an mp4 and an m4a. The mp4 is the video and audio file and the m4a is just the audio. You can send both but the mp4 file is the most important.

I forgot to click the mic icon on my Windows recording and now there's no audio recording, what do I do? - That's okay, just send us what you have, we'll make do with the audio we have recorded on our end. Having your video from you means your video will look great. To avoid this issue, please try to do a test run first :)

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