Be proud of your hybrid team

People who are happier in the office are more productive

Enjoy the confidence of knowing you have improved teamwork and productivity

✔ Improved focus

✔Increased commitment

✔ Greater productivity

How well does this describe your current work?

  • It is difficult to achieve great teamwork
  • Your hybrid team is highly stressed
  • You think you could lose some of your best people
  • Finding the time to work out best practices for hybrid is just not that easy

Seven ‘easy-ish’ shifts to make your team’s hybrid workplace experience more productive

The Seven Week Mini-Workplace Challenge

Seven weekly videos explain how to make one high-impact shift per week to improve your team’s workspace and ways of working. 

We’ll show you how to make your team’s experience at work better than they ever, so they will want to come into the office. 

You’ll be able to turn around the stresses of hybrid working, and reduce the risk of losing your best people.

Seven high impact shifts make it easy, in around 15 minutes per week. 

Hybrid work makes life more complicated

Achieving the right delicate balance of interests is crucial to successful hybrid work, but it’s not easy. 
We have deep experience in designing workplaces that work for flexible and remote teams. 



We estimate the benefits of this seven-week challenge are worth around $5,400 to you personally, if you are a leader with up to 20 people

How it works

1. Purchase the Workplace Mini-Challenge

You’ll receive an email each week, with a 5-minute video and written explanation of the week’s shift and what you need to do to achieve it

2. Make one high-impact shift per week

We’ll step you through how to make one shift per week, to adjust your workspace or ways of working. You’ll have the option to ask up to five questions via email to tailor your approach as needed.

3. See the benefits to team productivity & engagement

We’ll encourage you to collect pre- and post- challenge data, to understand the impact in key areas that make a significant, meaningful difference to productivity in the hybrid workplace


Seven ‘easy-ish’ workplace environment shifts to make to your workspace and ways of working

An email each week, with a 5- to 7-minute video and written explanation of the week’s shift and what you need to do to achieve it

A pre- and post-survey template, to demonstrate the positive impact

The option to ask up to five questions via email if you want to dig deeper

This mini-challenge is the shortened version of our full team Workplace Experience Challenge

This self-drive mini-challenge is the accelerated, shortened version of our full Team Workplace Experience Challenge, which is usually a four-month experience. The ‘mini’ challenge improves the quality of teams’ experience in the workplace by focusing on seven selected shifts, which in our experience have made the highest impact on hybrid teamwork. We’ve picked the highest impact shifts and condensed them into one easy step-by-step process that you can achieve in 15 minutes per week. 

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