Remote Team Master Plan

Program includes:

  • Capability diagnostic
  • Team member training 
  • 2 x facilitated team ‘co-design’ sessions
  • Tech support with setting up the home office
  • Facilitated team check-ins 
  • Support for leaders/managers
  • Bespoke team charter 

Get your team ‘future ready’ with our remote work strategy and support program. Complete with custom plan, training, leader support and facilitated team sessions, we will ensure you smoothly implement remote, flexible work in your team. 

We support your leaders throughout the initial transition stage, equipping them with proven strategies to ensure flexible, remote work works for everyone in the team! We teach you how to handle flexible work ‘teething issues’ and develop custom solutions so the process flows smoothly; remaining inclusive for all team members. 

Since offering this service in 2015, we’ve found that teams who use it become more loyal to their employer and more fulfilled in their work life.

Find tools that work for your team

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