Solve your flexible work challenges

Rise to the challenge of flexible work leadership

  • Do you struggle to manage flexible work styles?
  • Is hybrid work (in office + out of office) challenging?
  • Do you find it difficult to accommodate everyone’s needs and wants?

Workplace flexibility differs from organisation to organisation, and employee to employee. There is no one-sized shoe that fits all. 

That creates a leadership challenge.

“It’s so hard to get flexibility right - what works for one person doesn’t work for someone else.”

Lead a successful flexible team by investing only 45 minutes of your time

Our Flexible Work Conversation Masterclass creates flexible work that works

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An optional 30-minute call, to ask questions. Problem-solve your situation in complete confidence.

Ready-to-use Templates

Conversation scripts and templates guide your individual and team flexible work conversations. Improve your flexible team culture.

Explainer Video

An optional 10-minute video. Understand the five rules of the game to lead flexible work conversations successfully.

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Join with other leaders to explore solutions to challenges unique to flexible work.

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Flexible work has unique challenges

The risk of unfairness 
Difficulty managing expectations
The potential for lost productivity
The challenge of ensuring great teamwork
The complexities that arise from varied arrangements across the team

We help you arrive at flexible work that works

Discover how to arrive at fair flexible work arrangements across the team

Minimise the impact of flexible work on your team’s work routine

Tap into your team’s unique collective capability for problem-solving

Apply mediation principles to arrive at win-wins: performance and flexibility

Create flexible work that enables the team to do great work

The newly designed Flexible Work Conversation Masterclass helps leaders who are new to managing flexible work or dealing with challenging situations.

It helps you establish productive, successful flexible work arrangements. 

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Ready-to-use Templates

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Personal Call

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Explainer Video

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LinkedIn Group

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Unlock your team's potential

Previous clients have experienced tremendous results such as

Increase in job satisfaction by 25%

Increase in job commitment by 13%

Over 70% of people experience an increase in wellbeing

Find out more about the Flexible Work Conversation Masterclass

Learn from a flexible workplace expert

This masterclass is led by Nina Fountain, a highly regarded expert in flexible work.

Nina wrote the Australian Government’s guidance to employers on flexible work, promoted by the Workplace Gender Equality Agency. This framework informed the New Zealand Public Service Commission’s own approach to flexible work guidance. 

With eight years of experience assisting leaders in flexible workplaces, we can help you lead unparalleled flexible work conversations. 

Need to know more about the skills you need?

Our simple quiz gives you a chance to explore your current abilities against the core areas required for successful flexible work leadership. 

At Transformed Teams, we recreate the magic of the water cooler. We bring transformational workplace strategy and design to improve productivity in flexible workplaces. 

Clients who work with us expect to halve the time it will take to increase teamwork, productivity and workplace satisfaction.