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Your best employees are probably poised to leave. This is why.

https://youtu.be/sdIg6aTLdqg Your best employees are probably poised to leave. This is why Key people in your workplace are ready to leave because of a poor Workplace Experience. Hybrid work has created a lot of friction in the workplace. Because the best employees can go where they please, they could easily choose to leave for an

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Our focus: a workplace strategy that’s unique to you

https://youtu.be/xbwA6tTOF08 “Working with Transformed Teams has been unbelievable… From the high level, big picture thinking right down to the detail of choosing the right types of furniture. I would highly recommend working with [them].” Caroline Palmer Project Manager Mobility Project | Department of Corrections Schedule an Information Call today to find out more about our

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The secret to productive workspace design

https://youtu.be/g0H5bm5EdOE Workplaces that are a poor fit to the nature of the work create unproductive people. That makes a bad workplace fit an organisational issue that affects productivity.  On the other hand, research has clearly shown that workplace satisfaction is strongly correlated with performance.  Workplace Strategists align your workplace with your business strategy. They design

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The dollar impact of a poor Workplace Experience

“People adapt – but if they’re going to be disrupted by a workplace change, we can’t help that.” I can see this way of thinking. It’s the point of view that people can be difficult and they can behave in ways that aren’t helpful – you wouldn’t be alive if you haven’t experienced an unhelpful,

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