We create workplaces where people can be happy, productive and motivated

Transformed Teams is a boutique management consulting agency delivering transformational workplace strategy and human-centred design. 

We see property as a people issue. Traditionally, property is managed by people with property-related degrees and qualifications. But we are on a mission to create workplaces where people can experience the joy of doing their best work. 

Our work improves people’s productivity, reduces turnover, saves money and creates workplaces where people can be happy and motivated to do their best work. We help leaders create a new normal that achieves their aspirations. Stress goes down and wellbeing improves. People are able to achieve more, and enjoy doing it.

Leaders trust us to transform their teams

We understand the challenges of modern workplaces.
We work as a virtual team out of New Zealand, Australia and the United States.
Let us introduce ourselves.

Nina Fountain

Founder and Workplace Strategist

Nina Fountain
Founder, Workplace Strategist

Nina is an expert in creating Activity Based Working and flexible workplaces. Her work encompasses management consulting, change leadership and capability building. 

Nina is the author of the respected WGEA framework for workplace flexibility. Nina established and led the high performing team that delivered a major strategic initiative for the Australian Government in 2012, which doubled the number of people who work from home via the Internet. So when flexible work styles took many workplaces by surprise in 2020, Transformed Teams had well-developed tools and frameworks to help them succeed. 

Nina particularly enjoys helping organisations adapt to new ways of working, to achieve a win-win for the business and its employees. 

Nina is based in Wellington, New Zealand where she enjoys walks by the harbour and the Wellington food scene.

Karline de Boer


Karline de Boer
Workplace Researcher

Karline uncovers the hidden trends in workplaces through occupancy studies and interviews. She is a field worker and researcher passionate about talking and really listening to people to uncover decisive insights. Karline supports your workplace strategy with the information you need to really understand your unique forward path. As a highly valued member of our team, Karline is a powerful asset in your workplace change.

When not working, Karline enjoys bush walks, wine tastings in and around Wellington, and spending time with her grandchildren.

Willow Boyd

Sales and Marketing Assistant

Willow Boyd
Sales and Marketing Assistant

Willow is our Sales and Marketing Assistant. Willow is an experienced leader with international experience, gained mainly in Canada and Australia. She recently completed a BComm in Entrepreneurial Management and has spent over ten years managing and leading successful teams in business’ of all sizes. Willow is based on the Central Coast of Australia, a couple of hours’ north of Sydney.

On the weekend Willow loves packing up her car, heading out to the beach to camp, surf, and enjoy nature!

Hayley Morris

Designer Manager

Hayley Morris
Design Manager

Holding the motto that she can learn anything she puts her mind to, Hayley has developed skills in a broad variety of categories from business to art, using her creative mind to bring life the new vision of Transformed Teams. Creating since her early days, Hayley has sold branding and artwork to vendors internationally.

When she isn’t working, she enjoys spending time with her children and is always up for a good read with some hot chocolate.

Our story

Transformed Teams was founded by Nina Fountain, an entrepreneur and consultant with a varied career across communication sciences, business and public service leadership. Nina’s work is driven by wanting to take people on brave adventures that increase their success and joy.

In 2008 Nina had an epiphany, a week after starting with her employer at the time. She realised that working with her employer for longer than five years would be a bad idea. She saw its poor culture and low workplace satisfaction and didn’t want to be shaped by those negative factors. Five years later, she stepped out of that secure job to help leaders create workplaces that do the opposite – bringing out people’s best, through the potential of flexibility. That’s how Transformed Teams was created. 

Employers vary greatly and not every employer is well-positioned to create an environment that inspires people to contribute their best work. The first challenge leaders face is designing a winning strategy.  And one of their most significant challenges is aligning their business around their winning strategies. These are the challenges we turn into opportunities.

Let us help you succeed by creating a high-performing modern workplace

We fully understand the reality that achieving workplace transformation is difficult if you don’t get full commitment and alignment  at the highest level. This is why we work mainly with executive and leadership teams. This is especially important during the Discovery and Design processes. 

In the course of the  Development phase,  there is a lot of opportunity to work with teams or groups of teams that are not at the executive level. We love working with these groups of people to achieve satisfying, measurable gains in job commitment, overall engagement, wellbeing and stress reduction and overall productivity. 

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