Build an attractive, productive
hybrid workplace

A flexible modern workplace requires strong connections – with your workspace, and with each other

Happier people

A productive Workplace Experience

Fit for purpose workspaces

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Are you a business with 100+ people, in New Zealand or Australia?

Do you have a hybrid workplace – where at least some of your people work from home or elsewhere, some of the time?

Are you looking to design your workspace and ways of working to suit the future of your business?

We bring clear thinking and unique capability

Workplace Strategy Consulting

Advice to lead and design your workspace and ways of working to enable a dynamic, productive business

Team coaching

Supported team bootcamps create productive new ways of working

Change leadership and support

Accelerated transformational change methodologies reduce the risks of workplace change

Hybrid work has thrown businesses a curveball
Its challenges are rarely straightforward

These clients trust us to deliver a hybrid workplace that works.

How it works

1. Understand your situation

Firstly we need to understand your goals and status quo – how well hybrid work currently works in your business, how well your workspace supports your desired outcome, issues with your current ways of working and what you would like your workplace to help you achieve.

2. Recommend an approach

We make recommendations about how you could achieve your goals. This could include Workplace Strategy consulting, team coaching or change leadership and support. At your request we develop a proposal providing further detail on how we could help. 

3. Implement your plan

We work alongside you to implement the agreed plan. The length and nature of our engagement will depend on what you would like to achieve and the gap between your status quo and your desired future state. On average clients work with us for at least a few months.

Who we are

Transformed Teams is a specialist, wholistic consultancy offering Workplace Strategy consulting, team coaching, change leadership and change support.

We use human-centred design to put people at the centre of your workplace. Our focus is on creating an attractive Workplace Experience. We see it as ‘workplace making’. Just like placemaking, we create spaces where people want to be.

We have been at the forefront of flexible and hybrid workplaces since 2013. We are deeply specialised and provide a leading voice.

We see workplace property decisions as a people issue. Traditionally, property is managed by people with property-related degrees and qualifications. We complement these skills by managing the people risks of hybrid working and workplace transformation.

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