Workplaces where people are inspired
to do their best work

 We unlock workplace potential in hybrid workplaces

Get clear as a leadership team

Solve mismatched ways of working

Bring people on board

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Do you struggle with:

Weakening team culture due to people working flexibly and remotely?

A lack of clear direction about your ideal property solution?

Misalignment between your Property, Technology and People and Culture teams?

Create a productive modern workplace


Understand which workplace elements are out of alignment with your business goals and reduce workplace satisfaction


Design a winning Workplace Strategy that will save you money and inspire your people to do their best work


Involve your business functions in an integrated change that mitigates the risks of poor workplace planning

Aligning workplaces with modern business requirements can be difficult

We align key functions with your leadership vision. Once you achieve integration and alignment between your people, property and technology you can enjoy having happy, productive people who are motivated to achieve your organisation’s goals.

How it works

1. Take up a Discovery Call

We have a 20-minute conversation to understand your current workplace, projects and leadership intentions. We’ll suggest how we could help.

2. Discover your options

We provide a proposal outlining recommended steps and alternatives. We may require one or two further conversations ahead of providing the proposal.

3. Align your business

Get us involved in redesigning your workplace future so that your organisation can achieve its purpose and goals.

Who we are

Transformed Teams is a boutique management consulting agency delivering transformational workplace strategy and human-centred design.

We see property as a people issue. Traditionally, property is managed by people with property-related degrees and qualifications. But we are on a mission to create workplaces where people can experience the joy of doing their best work. 

Our work improves people’s productivity, reduces turnover, saves money and creates workplaces where people can be happy and motivated to do their best work. We help leaders create a new normal that achieves their aspirations. Stress goes down and wellbeing improves. People are able to achieve more, and enjoy doing it.

Download our best practice guidance:
Build a Workplace Flexibility Strategy